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Quilt Digital serves small businesses and organisations with expertise to nurture and grow your online offering and experience.

After building up proven results over 15 across a breadth of digital challenges and business sectors, quilt digital consultancy can champion your business and share the learnings that will bring you the results to drive your online growth.

Quilt digital has been through every step of the ecommerce and online journey so is perfectly placed to offer you guidance, strategy and delivery for the online challenges you're currently facing.

Based in Windlesham, Surrey Quilt Digital can offer services nationwide remotely, with ad hoc support face to face where you need it.

So, whether you're looking for answers as to how you can gain more customers or traffic online, if you want support on the metrics and KPIs you should be looking at to know whats working, content creation, trading plans or experience deep dives to look at where your offering can better convert your customers, get in touch with your challenges and we can discuss a plan and the tools that will work for your business to grow sustainably online.

Proven Results

Samsung Logo

Delivered double digit ecommerce growth consistently online.

Established though leadership across marketplaces and retailer experience optimsations for this global powerhouse brand.

Jigsaw Clothing Retailer Logo

Overhauled the tired user experience with new trading solutions, functionality growth, customer service focus, and site redesign for solid ecommerce growth.

Orange Telecoms brand logo

Drove an insight driven culture change to the team with the launch of testing and survey programmes.

Designed key online user journeys for complex purchase flows.

Womens Higher Education Network, WHEN, logo

Redesigned pages to optimise the user experience for the DEI social enterprise, and provided strategic support and email template designs for their digital marketing.

Bugaboo brand logo

Nurtured retail relationships to optimise their online exposure and experience for the nursery brand portfolio, and sustained direct to consumer ecommerce growth through digital marketing and onsite optimisations through the bumpy brexit transition.

Webgains affiliate agency logo

Designed and delivered a training workshop to the wider organisation on the mindset of a head of ecommerce to improve their client empathy and successful selling skills.

Get to know me

  • My fluffy black labradoodle is my world.

  • A previous travel addict I'm enjoying exploring the UK more and more in efforts to reduce my carbon footprint.

  • A Wispa Gold is the all-time ultimate chocolate bar.

  • I studied at Aston University, Birmingham.

  • Originally from the Cotswolds, which was wasted on youth.

  • You can ask me about a time with Lenny Kravitz...